HashStash 2.5" Aluminum Grinder

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Crafted from superior aluminum alloy, our grinder ensures a finer, more consistent grind, enhancing the taste and effectiveness of your herb.
Effortless Grinding Experience
Unleash Maximum Flavor and Potency
Enhanced Storage for High-Capacity Sessions

Why Choose Our Aluminum Grinders?

Engineered for superior performance and designed with your needs in mind, our grinder sets a new standard in quality and convenience.

Whether you’re looking to maximize the flavor & potency of your herb, achieve a smoother grinding experience, or simply find a reliable, stylish accessory, our grinder has you covered.

Aluminum > Zinc

  • Lighter and more durable material than zinc
  • More resistant to wear and tear
  • A non-toxic material
  • Smooth making the clean up process a breeze
  • Fragile and can break when dropped
  • Known to contain lead and other harmful substances that can contaminate your herbs
  • Hard to clean due to textured surface
  • Less effective in grinding performance

Toke-Tested for Perfection

At HashStash, we dedicated countless hour to rigorously testing grinders of different materials to ensure we offer the highest quality product for our customers.

After extensive trials, our HashStash Premium Aluminum Grinder emerged as the best, offering an unparalleled, smoother, and more efficient grind.

Elevate your herb sessions and discover the superior grinding experience with the best grinder on the market. We guarantee it or your money back.

Ready to take your grind to the next level?

Add the Premium Aluminum Grinder to your stash today and feel the difference!

Verified Reviews


Best Grinder to Date

Brought this for my boyfriend and he said it’s the best grinder he’s every had. And trust he’s been through quite a few. It breaks everything down easily and it also has 4 compartments allowing you to filter everything better. Great purchase!


Top Quality!

With so many grinders out there that are barely cut enough to grind, this one definitely shows up and does its job. Can't speak on the lower level storage........yet.

: )

Anthony Palacios

Fast Shipping and Great Customer Care!

HashStash done it again with this beautiful grinder! Great for big handed people and matches perfectly with the OG black box!

Sarah Bonham

Great Product!

It does exactly what it's supposed to do. I always love a new grinder. Little effort is used to grind. I will be recommending your product to others!!

Zuhei Riv


This grinder comes in a nice large size. It's very light weight and you can tell it was properly made. Def worth getting. And it pairs so well with the stash box!

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Palacios
Fast shipping and great customer care

Hash stash don't it again with this beautiful grinder great for big handed people and match perfectly with the og black box and great customer service the ultimate stash box fosho

Jay Parana
Great product!

A very good grinder for the price moves like butter


Well built heavy box….


I really liked it! I’m going to use this as my backup in case my other one is broken or lost.


I bought the grinder to go with the lockbox as a gift The gifted was extremely pleased with gift