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Looking for a thoughtful present that's sure to please? The HashStash Gift Card is your go-to for any occasion—be it a birthday, wedding, or just to show someone you care. With our gift card, you're not just giving a gift; you're giving the freedom to choose. 😊


  • Flexibility: Redeemable across our entire store, allowing your loved ones to pick precisely what they want, whenever they desire.
  • Convenience: Perfect for last-minute gifts without the hassle of guessing what to buy.
  • Always the Right Choice: Ensures they receive something they truly want or need.


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I absolutely looooove my stash box. It’s perfect!! However, if I could change one thing, it’d be to add a handle 😅

Love My HashStash!💕

I love having a HashStash! Having a safe and secure storage box that holds my grinder, weed, pipe, one hitter, lighter, etc. is amazing and gives me a peace of mind knowing it’s locked and out of easy reach.
I love how stable it is and being able to prop my phone up while gardening. And I’m obsessed with the 3 glass jars, sliding out rolling tray, and the tiny brush. It serves it purpose and more with all the compartments and tools. And the box isn’t that heavy. It’s got a good weight but not a hassle to use.
Also, I bought the hashstash grinder and it is a game changer! Better than any other I’ve used. And there’s even a spot for it on the rolling tray. Or you can put one of the glass jars with your goodies on it.
I highly recommend the HashStash box to anyone that gardens. Even if you don’t smoke often, it’s nice to have a safe space for all your goodies and all the functions/uses it has.

Great box bad lock

I got this as a 420 gift and I love it but my lock broke in three days. Takes away from the whole concept of keeping my items private

The OG Stash Box
Reaper 333
Very nice

The black box is very sweet! And it keeps unwanted hands out of my stuff!


My fiancé found this company on Facebook and I had to come on here and say if you’re thinking about buying it, stop and RUN to add this to your cart NOW! It fits all my necessities and leaves so much extra room for goodies! I am so obsessed! Follow me on tiktok to see videos and content with my box! @caitbrookeelsey_

Stunning & Sturdy

Super cute! Easy to use lock combination.

The OG Stash Box
katie thompson
Love my box

I love my box ! I feel so organized! I have so much stuff tho so I wish it was bigger so I didn’t need to have 2 or more boxes. But I guess having a few colors isn’t a bad thing. Very cute and easy to use

Love the stash box

Love the box but didn't get my grinder ordered two of the 420 day boxes and grinder kits.

Hey there! Thanks so much for your purchase! We're sorry to hear about the missing grinder kits. Could you please shoot us an email at info@hashstash.co with your order details? Our customer care team will take a look and see what they can do to help!

Love My Box

I received this as my anniversary/420 present from my boyfriend this year. This is the best present I have received so far this year! I love the beautiful bubblegum pink color, but that’s not even the best part of this box!
I love that the bottom of the box has adjustable sectioning, as I do not need all 3 jars in my box personally, and will be taking advantage of customizing the sections to fit my needs. Speaking of the jars, these are a very nice quality. The thickness of the jar makes it feel quite sturdy. The plastic on the lids is very thick and the freshness seal helps lock in the smell.
I am able to fit quite a bit of things inside the bottom compartments, and the top little shelf is a lot deeper than I thought. I’m able to put a lot of different rolls and papers in there. I was able to consolidate 3 different little stash boxes and trays into this one.

The tray itself is AMAZING. I use a giant grinder, so it’s not going to fit in my little tray slot, but I already anticipated that. I just grind up a bunch now and stick it in one of the jars in the bottom tray. These jars fit perfectly in the little slot, and I LOVE the little pour spot, that I can use to dump any remaining herbs into the jar perfectly. I am a chronic (pun intended) accident prone girly, and have spilled countless times trying to put any remaining herbs into a container. THIS LITTLE DETAIL HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I haven’t spilled any so far!!!!
This has been on my wishlist since December, and I’m so glad my boyfriend bought it for me. 11/10 would recommend

The 4/20 Special
Marissa Casarez
QUICK delivery 10/10 product!

We ordered our stash box at 9:59 last night and it got delivered today around 1:30-2:00!! It’s so cool! Just like the pictures! Can’t wait to try it out!

It’s a cool idea

I was very excited to receive my purple box . But when I go it and set my lock my lock got jammed on my first use. Shipping took so long that I didn’t even want to send it back because I had been waiting for so long. So now it’s just basically a box I could’ve gotten from Michael’s or another craft store considering the most cool feature is the pad lock and it doesn’t work :( .

The OG Stash Box
Demi Schweitzer
Absolutely amazing I love it!

Makes keeping my stuff together so easy and cute! Best purchase ever!

The OG Stash Box
Caprese Gordon
Cool AF

I love my Hash Stash box, it's so convenient and fitting for someone like me as I love organization! This is a one stop shop...or box.

So happy!

Love this box for storing my flower. Would love if it came with resueable labels for the jars! Please make a larger size so I can store edibles in here too!! Can't wait to cover it in stickers 🥰

The OG Stash Box
Kelly Hamilton
The BoX 💨

I luv my box.i have bought the Hash Stash 3 times,2 where gifts…And they instantly fell in love and heard nothing but good things from them abt the the hash stash…plan on buying a few more for gifts…

Love it!!

I love my HashStash!!! Love the tray! The brush is a nice touch and it works well. I purchased a purple box. Love the color! The only thing I would add is a handle and extra case for my rolls. Other than that…. NAILED IT!!!!


Very convenient set! Wish the jars was a little bit bigger

In loveeeeeeee 🥰💕

Thanks to the ads which kept showing me these items every 5secs of me being on social media; I finally caved in 🙄😩. It’s little heavier than I thought so I would only use it at home. Definitely sturdy, odorless and the lock works well. I did wish the box was a little bigger and the jars could hold more for the price I paid, and heed forgetting the lock code, but I’m in love with the box and how I decorated it! Had a hard time picking between 2 colors, I wish I could pick different color jars or accessories. It didn’t take long to arrive even when it was on back order, but I did miss the sale of the free grinder being included in my haste to get one 🙃 smh. Other than that I love it and will take every chance to use it and show others 💖

The OG Stash Box
Justin Anderson
Perfect Box!

This is an amazing box! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see what other products this company will release next.

The OG Stash Box
Audrey Donaldson

So much space, very convenient

The OG Stash Box
Candace Simmons
Hash stash

I love mine ♥️ 💗 the only thing is the side of my box is already chipping and it's less than 15 days old. Also I can't lock it over and over because it jams. I don't like the gap in between the tray because the weed falls through. Overall lovely box

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that you love your box overall. We're sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing, though. Our team takes quality concerns seriously, and we'd like to make things right for you. Please reach out to our customer service team (info@hashstash.co) and we'll be happy to assist you with a replacement or solution to the chipping, jamming, and gap issues. We want to ensure that you're completely satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for choosing our product!

In love

First off the box is stunning. I ordered on a Thursday & it was delivered Tuesday. Love the stickers that came with it. Will definitely be using this baddie

Hi there! We're stoked to hear that you're in love with The OG Stash Box. Happy stashing!

The OG Stash Box
Bianca Davis
Chefs kiss!!

Finally I found something perfect for keeping everything locked up and safe. So dope!

he loves it!

decided to get this for my friend for his birthday and he loves it!! im ordering one for myself!!

The OG Stash Box
Lulu Turpin
Thank absolutely love it

Omg thank you so much she is beautiful 😍 we love love love her