HashStash Maintenance 101

HashStash Maintenance 101

I know how much you love your HashStash box

And I want to help you take care of it! 

Here are some easy steps to keep your box looking like new.


1. Cleaning Your Box

Keeping your HashStash clean is super important. 

All you need to do is wipe the inside with a dry cloth every now and then. 

If there's stuff that's hard to get off, you can use a slightly damp cloth. 

But remember, don't use any strong cleaners or get the box too wet!

Strong chemicals can damage your box.


2. Looking After the Wood

Your HashStash box is made of beautiful bamboo wood and we want it to stay that way. 

If it starts to look a bit dull, you can use a safe oil like what you might use in the kitchen. 

Just a little bit can make the wood shiny again and help it last longer.


3. Care for the Hinges

The hinges on your box help you open and close it lots of times. 

If they ever feel hard to move, you can use a tiny bit of dry oil spray to help. 

Just be careful, you only need a little!


Cleaning GIF


4. Avoid Extreme Heat 

While your HashStash box loves a good summer day…

It doesn't like to be in direct sunlight or super hot places for too long. 

Too much heat can warp the wood and make it lose its shape. 

So, find a cool, dry spot for your HashStash, away from the windowsill or the oven.


5. Stash It Right

We designed your HashStash box to hold your herbs perfectly. 

But try not to stuff it too full. 

Overfilling can stretch the box and might make it harder to close over time.  

Plus, giving your herbs a bit of breathing room can help keep them fresher for longer.


6. Don't Forget to Show Off!

Your HashStash box isn't just useful… 

It's pretty to look at, too! 

Don't hide it away in a drawer.

Let it shine on your coffee table or shelf. 

This will also remind you to use it often… 

And to take care of it as you would with any of your favorite things.


CJ lifestyle

I hope these tips will help you enjoy your HashStash box even more! 

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know. 

We're here for you.

And if you're not already a proud owner of your own O.G. Stash Box...

Join the club!

Grab yours ASAP.

Happy stashing!



Founder of HashStash

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Box is GREAT

Shannon shelton

Shannon shelton

I love mine… I even bought another one as a gift for a friend… my only concern at this point is I am not able to lock it or create a code I’m not sure if I lost a designated code when I was unpacking it…. Any suggestions on how to obtain that?

Pamela Gordon

Pamela Gordon

I dropped my box. Yes I know, I was and am sick about this. It fell on the corner. It cracked the box on the right corner by the screws that attach the hinges. It’s not even a year old yet. What can we do about getting it fixed. It broke a screw off.

Angelicc Yetts

Angelicc Yetts

Lightskinangie96@gmail.com used during purchase but I don’t have access too. I received the box by the third business day. I was shocked . The color is nice and everything is how I expected. I M even more obsessed with the lock and jars . I’m ordering my grinder next should’ve done it all at the same time 😂😂

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