Why You NEED The OG Stash Box

Why You NEED The OG Stash Box

Step Up Your Stash Game: The OG Stash Box for Modern Users

Remember the college days when rolling out of an In-N-Out tray or using an old shoebox seemed like the perfect solution for storing and rolling your stash? 

Ah, the nostalgia! 

The days of makeshift setups served their purpose during those carefree days of college, but now, it's time to graduate to something better. 

We are now in an era where the plant is becoming widely accepted, but the need for discretion is an important concern that needs to be tackled. Whether you are a parent and need a child-proof box or just a daily user in search of an all-in-one discreet storage solution with smell-proof jars and a convenient rolling area, the OG stash box is the way to go! 

The Key Features:

  • Built-in Combo Lock 

Are you tired of others losing your lighter or helping themselves to your stash? Say goodbye to unwanted access with the built-in combo lock. This is highly effective when you want to organize and keep your accessories and stash safe! 

  • Smell-Proof Jars 

If you love the flower, you must preserve the flower. The OG stash box comes with three jars and guess what? It keeps the odors in so you can enjoy your favorite strains without any telltale odors. 

  • Slide-Out Rolling Tray 

Rolling enthusiasts, rejoice! This is the most used feature for me as this is where the magic happens. No more looking for a suitable surface to roll on as the tray is built in.

Now you might be wondering how do you keep the tray clean? The box comes with a brush! The tray features an indent in the corner so you can easily brush any leftovers back into the jar with ease making the clean up process a breeze! 

Overall, the OG stash box is a valuable investment for any user as it combines both functionality and discretion all in one. No matter who you are, there is a stash box made for you as it comes in various colors. 

If you'd like to learn more, click here to check out HashStash and see the wide variety of stash boxes they offer! 

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