Our Amazing Trip to China: From Factory Floors to the Canton Fair (PART 1)

Our Amazing Trip to China: From Factory Floors to the Canton Fair (PART 1)

Hey HashFam! 

We recently embarked on an unforgettable two-week adventure to China, where we met with our incredible manufacturers and attended the famous Canton Fair. 

There were a total of 4 of us who ventured out to the land of China: 

CJ - our Operations Manager, Mark - a Growth Marketing Associate (and my little bro), Clara – my Co-founder, and of course, myself.

Left to Right: Me (Will), Clara, CJ, and Mark


In this two-part blog series, we’ll take you through the highlights of our trip, day by day, sharing our experiences from factory tours and brainstorming sessions to exotic culinary delights and vibrant local festivals.


Join us as we relive the moments that made this trip so special and discover what’s next for HashStash!


China Trip Week 1: Building Partnerships and Exploring Manufacturing

Saturday, April 13, 2024 - Arrival and Warm Welcome

Our adventure began the moment we touched down in China. 

We were greeted with open arms and a level of hospitality that set the tone for the entire trip. Our manufacturers had arranged for an airport pick-up, and it felt like we were being welcomed by old friends.

Treated with incredible hospitality the moment we stepped foot into China.



Clara’s Close Call:


Hey everyone, it’s Clara! I've got a crazy story from our China trip that I HAVE to share. 


So, I unknowingly had a weed pen in my fanny pack. We went through three security checks without a problem, but during the fourth, a security officer said, “I think there is some sort of pen in here?” 


My heart dropped! I calmly said, “Oh, you can throw that away if you want.”


The officer examined the pen, and luckily for me, it was one of those discreet ones with no labels, looking more like a writing device than anything else. 


They didn’t recognize it and put it back in my purse, saying it was okay. Phew!


Later, in our hotel room, we couldn’t resist using the pen… 


But then Will looked up what could happen if we were caught with it in China. The results were terrifying—severe penalties, even prison or worse!

So, we decided to play it safe and threw the pen away before our next flight. Better safe than sorry, right? 😅

Sunday, April 14, 2024 - Diving into Improvements and Innovations

We kicked off our first full day with a productive meeting to discuss common defects in our stash boxes. 

It was incredible to see how dedicated our suppliers are to maintaining high standards and continuously improving. We brainstormed ideas to tackle issues like cracks, new and improved hardware, and even enhancements in painting techniques.

First brainstorming session to improve quality assurance for HashStash products.

A little sneak peak of some colors coming in the near future 😉


In the afternoon, we got an exclusive tour of the factory. 


Watching the laser engraving process for the trays was mesmerizing, and the attention to detail at the sanding station and painting area was impressive.


Seeing our logo being placed on our products was a proud moment—it’s the little things that make our stash boxes so special for us and our amazing community.


Will stamping the HashStash logo on the O.G. Stash Box himself for the first time. We all got to experience stamping a stash box ourselves, so 4 lucky customers are going to get the stash boxes specially handcrafted by us, haha! Who knows, it might just be you.



Monday, April 15, 2024 - An Exotic Culinary Adventure


China is known for its diverse cuisine, and our hosts made sure we experienced it firsthand. 


We dined on exotic foods like pigeons, sea cucumbers, cicadas, sea turtles, and even pig brains. Each dish was an adventure in itself, and it was fascinating to explore these new flavors and textures.

Cicadas - While they might seem like an unusual food choice, cicadas are actually enjoyed in many cultures around the world. They're typically prepared by frying or roasting and are said to have a unique, nutty flavor.

Fried Pigeon

There literally wasn’t a single food item the entire trip that wasn’t good. The foodies in all of us were incredibly satisfied. 😋


Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - Embracing Local Culture at the Peony Festival


Our trip wasn’t all work and no play. We got to immerse ourselves in local culture at the Peony Festival. 


The vibrant colors and beautiful blooms were a feast for the eyes, and it was a perfect way to relax and recharge for the busy days ahead.

The Peony Festival was breathtaking.



We had an incredible first week filled with productive meetings, factory tours, and cultural experiences that left us inspired and excited for the future of HashStash. 


But the adventure didn't stop there! 


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our China trip, where we dive into our second week, including a night out on the town, more brainstorming sessions, and our exhilarating visit to the Canton Fair. 


You won't want to miss it! See you on the next one!






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